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Chattanooga Women's Basketball Camps

Chattanooga Women's Basketball Camps

2018 Team Camp FAQs

 Is the team fee still required if I only come for 1 day?

Yes. All teams are required to pay the team fee to hold their spot in camp.

 Is the team fee still $120 if I bring more than one team?

No. The team fee is $120 per team you bring. So one varsity and one JV team = $240.

 Is there a charge for assistant coaches if the team is commuting?

No. There is no charge for coaches or managers for commuting teams.

 How much does it cost for 1 day of camp?

There is no charge for coaches. The player fee is $35 (3 games guaranteed). Please call for additional details.

 How many games are guaranteed?

Each team will play up to 5 games, depending on the number of days attending. Two games Friday, three games Saturday. The number of games can be adjusted based on need, or special request (made in advance).

 Are all courts, cafeteria and housing within walking distance?

Yes. All venues are located on campus and within walking distance.

 Is campus within walking distance to restaurants and activities downtown?

Yes. Campus is just a few blocks from the heart of downtown Chattanooga. There are many restaurants, a movie theater, and outdoor activity spots near campus.

 Is parking an issue?

It can be as campus does issue tickets during the summer (8am-5pm). Each school will be given up to 2 parking passes (if needed), and will be required to park in a specific lot. All other visitors will be asked to park in the 5th Street garage.

 Do you all have real game officials?

Yes. Our officials are all TSSAA certified and are assigned (based on availability) by the regional TSSAA officials’ coordinator.

 Will there be an athletic trainer available during camp?

Yes. Each gym will have an athletic trainer available to assist with the needs of participating teams.